Tuesday 6 November 2012

Pudsey the Dancing Dog's Book Tour

You may or may not be aware of Pudsey, the dancing dog, winner of 2011's Britain's Got Talent. A whirlwind year has ensued and Pudsey has very cleverly written his 'autobidography' for a reported 6-figure deal.

Now, some will say such books are a mockery and what about all the actual human writers struggling to get their big break, which I can understand. But on the other hand, if Pudsey's book sells - it's providing much-needed sales to book stores and sellers, and getting people reading and talking about books, which is great!

Pudsey (and Ashleigh his choreographer and owner) have been on a book tour across the UK in the last couple of weeks and on Friday 2nd November they visited Waterstones Peterborough. I went along accompanied by a unconvinced 'dogs don't dance' 4-year-old. Only 75 tickets were issued to see Pudsey and Ashleigh dance, which made for a comfortable-sized crowd. Surprisingly, although half term, most of the audience were middle-aged with only about 20 children there in total!

After a short wait Pudsey and Ashleigh greeted the very welcoming and enthusiastic crowd and performed a short dance routine. I'd researched Pudsey on You Tube and his moves were just as polished in real life. The unimpressed 4-year-old was now suitably impressed and wanted to know what other animals could dance. 

A decent-sized crowd had gathered for the book signing, in addition to the those who has tickets. There are always those that will push and scrum to get a book signed by a dog, but Waterstones staff were well organised and only a couple of people were let through to the desk where Pudsey and Ashleigh were at a time.

The book - well it's a pretty big hardback and Ashleigh personalised and signed it, before another lady stamped the official Pudsey pawprint on it. 

A big thanks to Waterstones Peterborough for inviting us, and for hosting an event like this - it will be viewed negatively by some - but having a bookshop, with a huge range of books, knowledgeable and friendly staff who offer events all year round that cater for all ages and reading interests is an asset to our city. We look forward to the next book signing!

Further news on the event from Peterborough Evening Telegraph.

Find out more about 'Pudsey, My Autobidography' at the Waterstones website.

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