Wednesday 25 September 2013

Poetry Book Review: 'Brand New Ancients' By Kate Tempest

'Brand New Ancients'
By Kate Tempest
Published by Picador Poetry
RRP £9.99 (paperback)
ISBN 9781447257684
Reviewed by Lynsey Evans

Brand New Ancients won the 2013 Ted Hughes Award for Innovation in Poetry and has been published by Picador Poetry.

Rather than a poetry collection, with lots of individual poems, Brand New Ancients is an epic poem, that was written to be read aloud – as a spoken word piece. It’s really interesting to read something that is a performance piece as the way you read it, isn’t always the way the poet would deliver it, yet reading the piece makes you really appreciate the story-telling element. (Check out this YouTube Clip:!)

Brand New Ancients tells the story of two families and their lives that Kate originally told over an orchestra’s score. The tales is set in the city but has myths woven into it – gods are in the betting shops and cafes! It cleverly shows how myths live on in modern society, in every day acts whether that be bravery, love or violence. It’s dramatic, thought-provoking, enchanting and quite marvellous.

Highly recommended for readers of all ages.

Visit Picador Poetry's website for further information or to buy the book.

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