Friday 8 June 2012

June Pint of Poetry at Charters Bar, Peterborough

Just a quick reminder that Pint of Poetry and a Dash of Drama is, as ever, on at Charters Bar on the 2nd Wednesday of this month. What does this mean? ... well it means that on the 13th June at 8:30 at Charters Bar Pint of Poetry shall be gathering with microphones, performances, a few drinks, general mirth and the loveliest atmosphere that any performer or audience did ever experience.

Last month was an absolute corker of a night, with a record number of performances and new performers so Mark and Summer are very excited to see what you all have in store for them next week!

This month is slightly special as Refugee week will be happening soon. Some folk from the Red Cross will be joining them next week, so the suggestion is a bit of a theme if anyone would like to help mark the occassion - so if this cause means something to you, why not express it through the medium of poetry and share it with everyone next week?

Aside from the theme of Refugee week, all other poetry and drama acts are welcome know ... the usual - serious, funny an downright ludicrous ...

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