Thursday 21 June 2012

‘My Tourist Guide to The Dinosaur World’ - new title from Dorling Kindersley

Written and Edited by Sam Priddy
Published by Dorling Kindersley Books
RRP £8.99 (large hardback)
ISBN 9781409376309
Reviewed by Lynsey Evans

This is more than just a dinosaur fact book! Making the reader the tourist, you prepare for travel to the dinosaurs in a well-thought out time machine and learn about pre-historic Earth then the first life forms. Here kicks in all the amazing pictures and facts about all sorts of creatures from pre-historic fist and insects to the dinosaurs themselves.

As a tourist you can hunt a giant dragonfly, fish with a Nothosaurus, have a tree-top tour with a Barosaurus, hunt with a T-Rex, see a stampede of Triceratops before witnessing the end of dinosaurs as the Ice Age comes. As a tourist you can end your tour here or check out the Ice Age – big dinosaurs maybe long gone, but small mammals and insects have taken over the world. Under the sea the awesome Megalodon reigns – 20 times bigger than a Great White Shark, it’s a predator to be reckoned with! Back on land see the amazing woolly mammoths and camp with the first humans. Whatever you decide to do, check out fellow tourists’ ratings on the activities.

This is a really fun book that has your absorbing facts left, right and centre without even realising. The tourist idea is excellent, bringing another level to the book and making sure that the children who read this find it easy to engage with the content and who knows what it will inspire their imaginations to do!

DK books also all support Key Stages 1, 2 and / or 3 of the National Curriculum.

Highly recommended for readers aged 7+

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