Monday 20 August 2012

Nominate the books you want to see on the World Book Night 2013 list

It's now nearly four months since World Book Night 2012 and we're turning our thoughts to plans for 2013. We want to know which books you want to see featured as next year's World Book Night books.

Like last year the final list of books for 2013 will be decided on by an independent editorial committee made up of representatives from booksellers, libraries, the literacy sector, authors, and journalists, and will this year be chaired by Mariella Frostrup. 

The committee's choice of titles will be informed by the hundred most nominated books so be sure to tell us what books you want to see featured.  You have until
August 31 to nominate your books and you can see a live and constantly evolving top 100 now.

This year we really want you to think about the books that you think will make those who don't regularly read fall in love with reading as well as the books that you love the most.

What are we looking for?
  • Quite simply, great books that make you fall in love with reading (and what we think makes a book great is quite different to what academics or critics might)
  • Any genre of book – fiction or non-fiction, crime, thrillers, romance, sagas, sci-fi, fantasy, classics, literature, poetry, biography, young adult – anything! But we are looking for 'best in class' in each area
  • They have to have a story (so any non-fiction has to be narrative driven)
  • Not too long (though we will never rule against a book based on length but shorter books are more accessible)
  • Must have been published in paperback in the UK
And please don’t nominate books or authors that were featured in World Book Night 2011 or 2012. You can see the 2012 list here and the books that featured in 2011 here.

How do I submit my favourite books?
1. Go to
2. Sign in or register via our homepage
3. Go to 'nominate books' under the 'books' tab and type your favourite book by title or author in to the search box.  If your book doesn't show please double check that you've spelled it correctly.  Books that are out of print or aren't available in paperback won't come up when you search for them
4. You can keep an eye on the titles you selected and view a live, interactive list of the top 100 here

Happy voting!

© World Book Night

(Please contact World Book Night Organisers with any queries you may have, thanks!) 

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