Thursday 13 June 2013

Call for Submissions for LONE STARS MAGAZINE

The Great 2013 One-Liner Contribution

 "By what words do you want to be known?" by Milo Rosebud

Poets and Writers:

We have space available in the margins of our magazine.

Send us your best one-line quotation(s) from your own works, for consideration of publication in our magazine's pages.


  "I am a Child of the Universe."  by Terry Lee

  One line per submission entry.

  Limited to 80 spaces per line.

  Enter as many times as you wish.

  Typed the way you want to see it in-print.

  Name and address on each page.

  Using one-time rights.

  Authors retain all rights.

  Publication notice upon printing.

  Submission deadline June 30th 2013
Email entries and any enquiries to:

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