Tuesday 1 October 2013

Featured Poem for October 2013 - By Ian Billings

'Behold the Mighty Quango!'

Behold the Mighty Quango
There's simply no one worse
The maddest, baddest alien
throughout the universe!

Behold the Mighty Quango
He'll fight for all he's worth
He's dreaming up a scarey scheme
He's invading Planet Earth.

He lands his ship near Tesco
strides round looking tough
He makes confronting grunting sounds
until he's had enough.

He points his sonic laser
at every passerby
"Take me to your leader!"
he might just hear him cry.

"I claim this world for Quango!"
He rummages in his bag.
"I am the King of Planet Earth!"
He shouts and plants a flag.

But no-one seems to hear him
No, nobody at all.
Do you suppose it's because
he's a millimetre tall?

"I am the Mighty Quango,
Don't make me pull the trigger!
I give up I'm going home
I'll come back when I'm bigger!"
© Ian Billings 2013
Please do not use without the poet’s permission.


For further information about Ian Billings and his work please visit Ian's page here.




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