Wednesday 6 November 2013

Magazines Call for Submissions this November

Counterpoint Poetry Magazine

Submissions invited for the first print edition in Jan 2014.

For 100 years originality in poetry has been defined by formal innovation and novelty in subject matter. Counterpoint Poetry Magazine was founded in order to provide a platform for poetry which is recognizably continuous with that which existed prior to the two world wars. Accordingly, it will favour poetry which employs the accentual-syllabic metrical system and it will be sympathetic to expressions of Christian belief. It will thus pursue the timeless ambitions of poetry, which are to serve truth and beauty. It will be published quarterly in print and continuously online at


Pedestal 73 will be posting on 21st December 2013, in conjunction with the journal's 13-year anniversary. They will be accepting submissions of poetry from 1st September to 30th November. There will be no restrictions on length, theme or style. All submissions should be sent via the link provided on the site. Please see guidelines for further information and to send work. Pedestal 73 look very forward to receiving your poems.

Please contact the magazines directly with any enquiries, thank you!

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