Monday 9 July 2012

‘Call Down Thunder’ - new stunning teen title from Daniel Finn

‘Call Down Thunder’
By Daniel Finn
Published by Macmillan Children’s Books July 2012
RRP £12.99 (hardback)
ISBN 9780230738003
Reviewed by Lynsey Evans

‘Call Down Thunder’ is a fantastic book! It’s a refreshing change in theme and style to all lot of other teen fiction on the market at the moment, it feels believable, gritty, real.

Reve and his sister Mi live in Riconda, a small fishing village that is run by Calde and The Night Man. Everything they do is controlled by Calde – if anyone calls in the authorities they’ll be punished – just like Reve and Mi’s father – who was drowned, then wrapped in a fishing net and left in the street for all to see. Their mother was arrested and has never been seen again – she’s presumed dead. That was 8 years ago.

Reve lives with Tomas the Boxer, he fishes and then sleeps under Tomas’ shack with his dog Sultan. His sister Mi is a couple of years older than Reve and she’s different. She has a sixth sense, can see the future and can call down thunder. She lives in a beaten up old car out of the village as Calde, his thug son and friends fear her as a witch.

Reve and Mi are determined to leave the squalid underworld, to find their mother after Reve’s strange dream Mi interpreted as their mother was living. Follow their cruel, ruthless adventure to the city and the hardships they face.

Enjoy the way the book is written, how the characters talk, learn the complicated relationships within the community, how they strive for survival and are courageous in all that they do. The ending is somewhat happy, but leaves you feeling there is hope for Reve and Mi, and Riconda, and that all they endured, survived and sacrificed was for the greater good.

A terrific, fast-paced summer read I urge you to read!

Recommended for readers aged 11+

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