Monday 2 July 2012

Featured Poem for July 2012

'Apache Rain'

by Tony Stringfellow

Concrete umbrellas leak dust,
Loosened by the rainfall.
They huddle in corners under tables,
Sheltering from the down poor.
A burst of streaks across the sky
(Shooting stars with empty wishes)
Strike the humble homes, disguised as targets,
With the random precision of technological warfare!
Children cry in mothers' arms,
Rotor blades beat hot air,
The stealthy hum of a thousand bees
Carrying the sting of apache rain ...

Again and again the rain ...
Apache rain summons the unified protector
To unleash the spirit of fear!
Brega trembles and Misrata quakes,
Gaddafi runs to the void of death -
The enemy - the apache rain -
Rides the night wind to peace -?

The first heard nothing
It was like a cough in a storm,
A sneeze on a breeze ...
So who called Death? ...
... !

© Tony Stringfellow 2012. All rights reserved.  
Please do not use without the poet's permission.

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