Saturday 1 September 2012

Recommended Reads from August 2012

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Below are the titles we recommended during August 2012:

‘After’ by Morris Gleitzman (Puffin)
‘Fire Spell’ by Laura Amy Schlitz (Bloomsbury) (Our Featured Title for the month)
‘Cough in Your Shirt, Bert!’ by Sheralee Hill Iglehart / Illustrated by Carol Brolin (Barny Books)
‘Everything Must Go’ by Rosie Garland (Holland Park Press)
‘Nitty Winnie’ by Laura Owens and Korky Paul (Oxford University Press)
‘Party Disaster’ by Sue Limb (Bloomsbury)
‘The Little Grey Men’ by B.B. (Oxford University Press)
‘The Magic of Mammoth Hollow’ by Linda Whatton / Illustrated by David Sharpe (Barny Books)
‘Naughty Kitty’ by Adam Stower (Templar Publishing)
'The Devil's Creature in the City of the Dead' by R H Stewart (Barny Books)
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September's recommended reads will start to appear on the website from today. A selection of reviews will be published here too, as well as on our Facebook page ( and links from our Twitter account (@bookapoet).

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