Friday 21 September 2012

The Life and Death of an Unknown Celebrity by Darren Cockle

Emerging from the Shadow of Cancer

I was nervous about attempting to write a poetic post because it’s not my style. How could I tell you about my book and make it rhyme? How could I get such an important message across?
Sarah died of breast cancer in 2009. She was my wife, a mother of two and life was sweet. We had to say goodbye which was tragically wrong. A mutual “I love you” and a big heartfelt thank you for sharing my life.

I was lost in the fog of despair. I had to learn how to cook and tie up my daughter’s hair. I cried every day, the kids cried at night. It was unbearable and depressing with no end in sight.
I had learnt so much about love and myself, to take someone for granted is such a waste. I loved her more during the few years that she was ill than I did when we had a lifetime to kill.

I woke up one day in 2010 with an idea that required a chair and a pen. I sat down each day and poured out my heart and thought that the cancer diagnosis seemed a good place to start. I didn’t want a memorial bench that would rot before I turned to dust. Words were the answer for a tribute I could trust. 

I continued my journey as a single dad. Love has never left me. It lasts longer than death. Moving on has been very hard to do but to stay in the past would cause endless pain. The fog has lifted and I have emerged from the clouds. The sun doesn’t shine on me every day but just like the flowers, we need the rain.

A wonderful lady has entered my life and love blossoms once more. Dating a widower isn’t easy; it requires patience and understanding on both sides. Acceptance of loss is a bit like a war.

The pain of loss brought out a creative side. I have used it to help others affected by cancer and sorrow. Yes! The book could be painful today so leave it for a while or maybe read it tomorrow. Many people have written wonderful reviews about how they cried and laughed and couldn’t put the book down. It’s profoundly moving, honest and brave. The cover may shock you and make you frown. I needed a cover that reflected the book. One that told the truth about a devastating illness that some can’t refer to by name. A drawing of a lady with no hair and one breast, holding some wigs with a smile on her face. She is beautiful and happy and her spirit is strong. It will not be broken whether she lives forever or after she has gone. 

Take a look on Amazon and make up your mind. It doesn’t cost much and it isn’t free. 

"The Life and Death of an Unknown Celebrity" by Darren Cockle.

That’s me!

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