Thursday 27 September 2012

What is Literature: Answered the Ambriel Way

What is literature? Many of us never think to answer the question. Literature is the art of language. Words weaved into information, image, emotion, and story. Literature informs every discipline on this planet--from science to business--from art to engineering--there isn’t a human occupation that isn’t given life through literature. “The Ambriel Revolution” is a literary blog dedicated to the creative impetus that drives poets, authors, and journalist.

Many begin writing as a form of personal expression. Until the project takes on a life of its own--then the author is swept away by creative tides--and is compelled to share the story that is moving through his or her body, mind, and soul. “The Ambriel Revolution” provides creative writers with a forum to share these stories.

This blog is providing talented writers a way to share, promote, and improve their work. It’s a place that connects writers and readers; it’s a place writers connect with other literary professionals; it’s a place were careers grow and careers are born.

“The Ambriel Revolution” is a blog for writers of all levels. The site has featured prolific published poets and emerging poets. Our featured work is not limited to poems. Featured work also includes letters, short stories, articles, and reviews.

Now a little about Ambriel, he is the angel of communication--guiding the human race toward a consciousness of inner truth.

Is there a story moving through you--that needs to connect--with the angel of communication? Then join “The Ambriel Revolution.”

Author: Jessica Lynn Lang
Date: 9/26/2012

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