Wednesday 7 August 2013

B.E.A.M.S Connect Your Soul - Guest Blog by Gayle Gross, Founder of Editing 10 Day Book Clubs

Beams shine down, balance, create structure and produce breadth. You are in sync when life’s events have connection to your soul. A clear connection allows you to react from within. I use B.E.A.M.S. as an acronym to keep this process in check for myself. Maybe the same will work for you.

B – Believe

E – Every

A – Act

M – Makes

S – Sense

Sometimes it is difficult to focus on present conditions because there’s sadness, betrayal, and anger surrounding us. As individuals we often clutter our world and some of that debris ends up attaching itself to us and we begin to form layers that we must then see through. Like an aging star whose outer envelope expands and consumes energy, our layers build. When we are struggling to understand what’s happening in a situation it is possible our layers are clouding our view and sapping our energy.

When you “believe every act makes sense”, you allow your soul to breath life into a situation and you are intellectually able to see a potential outcome, which may otherwise be shadowed by the layers surrounding you.

B.E.A.M.S. allow you to trust decisions you make. The ‘little voice inside’ becomes a natural part of choices you make. The layers surrounding you begin to thin and the importance of clutter subsides. My personal goal is for the layers to be so thin that they no longer insulate my soul from every act I take. I wish the same for you.

Gayle Gross is the Founder of editing 10 Day Book Clubs. Editors and writers spend ten days in a virtual book club going over the first 300 pages of a manuscript. The editor provides a five-page complete copy edit to show the writer's common editing mistakes. The editor also helps the writer with their book jacket description. It is a unique format. Learn more about the program, which developed during a productive and eventful 2011.


Gayle Gross
Founder Great Authors by 10dbc
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