Wednesday 7 August 2013

National Poetry Day 3rd October 2013

National Poetry Day is a nationwide celebration of poetry for everyone, everywhere: from assemblies, bus-queues, cafes, greengrocers, hospitals, ice-rinks to waiting-rooms, yacht clubs and zoos.
It’s a day when poetry slips off its dust-jacket and takes to the streets. It’s a chance for people to use poetry to say things that can’t be said in prose.

This year's theme is ... water and National Poetry Day is Thursday 3rd October 2013.

NPD have seized on Coleridge's great phrase - 'Water, water, everywhere' - as inspiration for this year's National Poetry Day.

Make of it what you will: there are almost as many poems on the subject as there are drops in the sea. We will be posting some of them on this site, together with ideas from you on how to turn water into lines. NPD challenge participants this year to smuggle poetry into the most unlikely places: not just in libraries and classrooms, but on fishing boats and ferries, via postcards, mobile phones and announcements on station platforms.

Check out for lots of ideas and enjoy looking round their new-look site!


  1. My name is Wendy Klein, and I am the 2013 adjudicator of the Havant Literary Festival Poetry Competition. I am looking for contact details for Josie Turner, who was commended in last year's competition by last year's adjudicator, Naomi Foyle. Last year's results have been over-turned by a plagiarism, and we would like her to be upgraded and to take part in the prize-giving readings on Friday 4 October. Can anyone who is reading this help, please?

    1. I will post this on our Facebook page too Wendy - where can Josie contact you if we find her? Thanks

  2. Looking for contact details of Josie Turner.