Wednesday 11 April 2012

Recommended Reads - 'The Dark Film' by Paul Farley

‘The Dark Film’
By Paul Farley
Published by Picador Poetry
£12.99 hardback format
ISBN 9781447212553

‘The Dark Film’ is the Poetry Book Society Choice and Paul Farley’s first collection since the highly acclaimed ‘Tramp in Flames’ was published in 2006.

‘The Dark Film’, his fourth collection, expands Paul Farley’s research into the ‘art of seeing’, and all that humans project of themselves into the world. Farley’s great poetic gift is his ability to switch between the local and the universal, the present and the historical past, with the most apparently effortless of gear changes; he brings to our immediate attention things previously hidden – whether out of sight, in the periphery of our vision, or right under our noses. ‘The Dark Film’ is a profound meditation on time, on the untold stories of our history, and on the act of human beholding – as well as Farley’s most richly entertaining and reward collection to date.

‘One of the most disarmingly original poets now writing’ – Alan Brownjohn.

‘Resonant without being flashy … lines that will stick with you for a really, really long time’ – Mark Haddon, Guardian.

‘Farley is one of our most vital and engaging voices, He has the knack of both establishing and undermining the securities of memory purely through turn of phrase’ – Scotland on Sunday.

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