Wednesday 11 April 2012

Featured Poem for April 2012

'The Runner' by Darren Rawnsley

The darkness is gone, now the sun burns my eyes
as I trudge through the desert with another disguise,
I hear him behind me on a steed of light grey
whose muscles compound whilst heading my way.

Faster and faster my blood flies around
through the open blue rivers down chambers
that sound, like double bass drums pounding my ears,
glimpses of sweat washed over with tears.

I rip up my body for freedom and speed
his hooves and his rider, those arrogant thieves
who steal my possessions my will and my life,
they give me back nothing but sharpen the knife.

Now I am naked way over the dune
the walls are enclosing there isn’t much room
to manoeuvre and run, I just slip in the mud
the walls of my trench collapse as they should
while the torrent descends making heavy my steps,
he is standing beside me, above me, behind me
I am not quite lost yet.

The river runs slower, his hold is unkind
nut there lies a softness somewhere deep behind
his rusty old armour, his nicotine scent,
I turn and squeeze through a narrow dark vent,
No light at the end, no help to be seen
I fall off the kerb and awake from the dream
once again it is real, a punch then the scream!

© Darren Rawnsley, March 2012. All rights reserved.
 Please do not use without the poet's permission.

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