Wednesday 11 April 2012

Winners of the Book a Poet & Term Times competition

In the December issue of Term Times we invited readers to 'Give Poetry a Sporting Chance' by writing a poem on the theme of sports to be in with a chance of winning a great prize – a family ticket to the Roald Dahl Museum and a selection of poetry books! Peterborough-based award-winning poet, Mark Grist, has picked the winners …

Congratulations to our under 7s category winner, Niamh Brown, aged 4, from Alconbury CE Primary School in Huntingdon.


Running makes my legs ache
And makes me need some water,
Runners can be brothers, sisters, mums or daughters.

Judge Mark Grist said: “A very different take on athletics that’s as lovely as it is short. It also contains a wonderful 2- syllable rhyme that is very unconventional and really made me smile. I kept thinking back to it throughout the day – very original – well done, Niamh!”

Congratulations to our 8-11 years category winner Rebecca Hyde, aged 10, from William Stukeley CE Primary School in Holbeach.

'Bob’s New Sport'

There once was a fish called Bob,
That wanted to play a new sport.

First he tried football,
But he was so awful.
He needed some feet,
So he couldn’t compete.

Next he tried netball,
He got a foul whistle,
For using his head,
His fins were too short to shoot in the net.

He thought and he thought,
And found his number one sport,
He and Tom Daley,
Joined as a team,
It was the best synchro-diving,
That I’ve ever seen.

Judge Mark Grist said: “I really enjoy it when people use rhyme to tell stories, and Rebecca has told us a great one, that is also very funny. Some clever use of half-rhyme as well, which really adds to the comical tone of the poem. Very original as well.”

We’ve also chosen our favourite poems from the entries we received and Mark has commented on all the poems too ...

'100 Metre Race'
by Haytham Afittou, Aged 6
Bishop Creighton Academy School, Peterborough

The gun goes off,
The start of the race,
Run, run, run, fast as they can,
Passing the spectators as they’re cheering and having fun.
Running fast, fast, fast
The finish in sight
Run, run, run
They burst through the ribbon …
1st, 2nd, 3rd,
Hooray for team GB
Another 1st!

Mark Grist said: "Some excellent use of repetition and I like that you experiment with the use of an ellipsis. You present the race really well, and give us a fantastic boost at the end. I very much enjoyed it."

By Ewan Brown, Aged 4
Alconbury CE Primary School, Huntingdon

If I were a footballer,
I’d run and score a goal,
And I’d be really happy
Unless it bounced off the pole!

Mark Grist said: "A lovely little rhyme in this that really made me laugh. Well done!"

By Alice Kemp, Aged 10
Hemingford Grey School, Huntingdon

Under the water bubbles blow,
Turquoise waves stream and flow,
Panting, gasping, paddle along,
Got to keep speedy, got to keep strong,
Feel the water wave in your ears,
Getting my eyes stung is what I fear,
Kicking my legs up and down,
Spinning my strokes, not to drown,
Holding my breath as I dive deep,
The hard tiles is who I meet,
I feel the energy burst when I rest,
My heart pounds like a drum in my chest,
It’s keeping me sporty; it’s keeping me fit,
I’ll do every stroke, bit by bit,
I love my swimming; it’s so much fun,
I feel so brilliant once I’ve done,
I love the feel of swishing blue liquid,
I love the way I swim like a squid,
The best sport that helps you slimming
Is making you love enjoying swimming.

Mark Grist said: "Wow! What a fantastic and engaging piece about swimming. I loved it all, particularly the mention of the ‘squid.’ Some great rhyming couplets and your use of meter was exceptionally strong. Well done!"

'Sport is Great'
By Kyle Olley, aged 9
William Stukeley CE Primary School, Holbeach

Sport is great,
Sport is fun,
Sport can be played by anyone.

I like to watch,
I love to play,
It keeps me active every day.

Football, rugby, snooker, pool,
All of these are really cool.

Wear a hat,
Use a club,
Pot a ball,
Slam that good.

Play with a bat,
A rugby ball,
Back of the net,
Win them all!

Mark Grist said: "Some excellent rhythms in here, Kyle. You use rhyme effectively and I love the message that you’re sending to the reader."

'I Love Sports'
By Greta Domkute, aged 10
Ramnoth Junior School, Wisbech

Basketball is great,
A thing you will not hate,
Or football if you like,
Though some people prefer to ride on their bike,
Tennis is not bad,
But when they lose they’re sad,
In hide-and-seek they smiled,
Though some people got wild,
Do you like rugby?
It’s actually funky!

Mark Grist said: "I love the ending to this, and you cover a range of sports really well, Greta."

'On the Court'
By Jodie Tawn, aged 10
Murrow Primary School, Wisbech

On the court,
Hoop and ball,
Hope one of my players doesn’t have a fall!

Shoot and score,
Shoot and score,
Dribble that basketball around the floor.

The games with my class,
So gotta make sure I pass,
There’s no doubt people will jump and shout.

I’m not sure how
He just got a foul …
But that’s basketball for ya!

Mark Grist said: "This would make an excellent chant, it’s a very vocal piece. I can imagine your classmates chanting this to cheer you on in a sporting event. Well done!"

'The World Cup Shock'
By Charlie Moughton, aged 9
William Stukeley CE Primary School, Holbeach

I was in the World Cup Final
And we wanted to win
I looked at the World Cup trophy
And we couldn’t put this game in the bin.

We went on to the pitch
Our fans shouted with glory
There was so much pressure
And the game could go in a story.

We started the match
Our hearts were beating
Germany went on the counter-attack
And we were retreating.

The whistle blew
We were sweating
We looked at the manager
And he was fretting.

The second half started
And we just ran at them all
My friend Tom got a penalty
I stood on that spot nice and tall.

I went to the penalty
I scored with joy
My friends ran at me
Like a 10-year-old boy.

The whistle blew
I ran to my friend Sophie
I gave her a hug
And I held the heavy trophy.

Mark Grist said: "A good little story, here, with some effective rhymes – and a couple of two syllable ones in there as well."

'What Am I?'
By Emma Hunt, aged 11
Alconbury CE Primary School, Huntingdon

What am I?
I like to be kicked and chased after,
I can help people win a cup,
You try to kick me in a net,
In a game you can use any part of your body to move me, except your hands.
So, what am I … ?

I am a football!

Mark Grist said: "A fantastic little riddle, here. Well done, Emma!"

We hope you enjoy reading all the wonderful poems as much as we did. A big thanks to all the budding poets who entered and to our guest judge Mark Grist. Congratulations to Niamh and Rebecca - enjoy your prizes!

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