Monday 16 April 2012

The Gestaltbunker ­ Selected Poems 1965-2010 ­ by Paul A. Green is now available from Shearsman Books.

The Gestaltbunker ­ Selected Poems 1965-2010 ­ by Paul A. Green is now available from Shearsman Books.

The Gestaltbunker encapsulates the range of Paul A Green's output. His briefings on nuclear apocalypse, global melt-down and the excesses of media landscaping are transmitted through surreal inscapes and an intensifying torsion of language. He moves from mid-life probes into the basement of a psyche to domestic praise-songs and celebrations. The riddles of time and
consciousness continue to pre-occupy him, whether encountered through magick, music or the mysteries of the city.

"Thrillingly dystopian..."  - John Goodby

"His interests have coaxed him deep into the occult, surrealism and pop culture; his investigations meld and come into outstanding idiom..." -  J.Michael Yates

"From his cloister, Brother Paul emerges, jazzed & weaponized. As raw as a
Delta Blues in a sharecropper's shack, yet as sinister as Flash Gordon
playing Faustus on the Mongo fault-line abyss." -   Lawrence Russell

Paul A. Green grew up in London.  He studied at Oxford and the University of British Columbia, on the MA Creative Writing Programme.  He¹s worked as a radio presenter, teacher, used-book operative and as Lecturer in Media at the Royal National College for the Blind.   Currently living in Hereford, he will shortly be re-locating to Hastings.

His poetry has appeared  in magazines ranging from  New Worlds to Poetics Journal, while he¹s appeared over the decades in pubs, clubs, colleges and festivals, often in musical or multi-media collaborations. Gigs include: National Review of Live Art, Angels of Fire Festival, Oxford Poetry Festival, South Bank Centre, Sub-Voicive, RASP, London Musicians Collective,
Hay Poetry Jamboree.  Recordings have been broadcast on CBC, WFMU-FM  and Resonance-FM or disseminated on-line by

Plays performed include The Dream Laboratory (CBC Radio),  Ritual of the Stifling Air (BBC Radio 3), The Voice Collection (RTE), The Mouthpiece (Resonance-FM),  Terminal Poet (New Theatre Works)  and Babalon (Travesty Theatre), an evocation of occultist/rocket scientist Jack Parsons.  Recent short fiction includes The Poets of Radial City in  Unthology 2, published
by Unthank Books.  His first novel The Qliphoth  was published by Libros Libertad in 2007. A sequel awaits publication.

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