Monday 23 April 2012

'Mice' by Gordon Reece - Book Review


By Gordon Reece
Published by Pan Macmillan Feb 2012
RRP £6.99 (softback)
ISBN 97803305256626 
Reviewed by Lynsey Evans

A gripping, unique suspense thriller with a chilling twist...

Shelley is 16, preparing for her GCSEs … at home. After enduring horrifying bullying, which sees Shelley the victim of verbal, mental and physical abuse. After being set on fire by 3 bullies, with no witnesses to the horrific attack, Shelley finally leaves school to be home tutored. Describing herself (and her mum) as ‘mice’ – weak, quiet, victims to everyone, never standing up for themselves until one night, when a life-changing occurrence, sees Shelley and her mum evolve from mice to something much, much more.

Despite the dark story, this tale is gripping, you want the mice to win, to have justice, to be compensated for the terrible things they have had to endure. Watching them evolve as you read is fantastic, you have a sense of relief – they’ll be OK, they’re going to make it and be able to cope with what life throws at them.

This is a gripping thriller that will have teens onthe edge of their seats, with an ending that will get everyone talking! Definitely worth a read!

Recommended for age 12+

If you, or someone you know, is a victim of bullying please visit for help, information and advice.

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