Wednesday 10 October 2012

‘Desires Reborn’ By Penny Pepper

‘Desires Reborn’
By Penny Pepper
Published by Bejamo Press
RRP £3.99 (Ebook)
Reviewed by Maria Grazia Zedda, Managing Director, Wideaware Training & Consultancy Ltd

Sexy? Undeniably. Revolutionary? Probably, for some. But ‘Desires Reborn’ is more than a collection of erotic stories all tied together by the disability experienced by the characters. ‘Desires Reborn’ is a celebration of sex and how passion can help us reconnect with who we are, our longings and our lives, all of us, younger or older, disabled or not.

‘Desires Reborn’ touches on political and social issues and various settings in which disabled people discover and experience relationships - often in contexts of exclusion, prejudice and assumptions of others and the inner suspension between the need to belong and independence.

But most of all, ‘Desires Reborn’ is really about true excitement of that energy: forget about perfect bodies and prescribed conventions, it's all about a connection with the other and with ourselves and elevates us and ultimately renders us perfectly human. Straightforwardly narrated over the backdrop of an indie London, it's a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Highly recommended for readers 18+

Available to purchase from iTunes store, and all good online bookshops including Amazon.

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