Friday 5 October 2012

The Poetry Society Announce Stanza Stars Winner 2012

Congratulations to the winner of this year's Stanza Competition, Angela Stoner, from Penzance, for her poem 'Stone written'.

The joint runners-up are Sudeep Sen (India Stanza) for 'Banyan Stripes', and Julie Corbett (York Stanza) for 'Sky'.

In addition, ten other poems were commended: 'There is beauty in stripes' by Alison Riley (Derbyshire), 'Salt' by Conor Beales (Norwich), 'Background effect' by D.A. Prince (South Leicestershire), 'Lines as the sun rises above the pine copse' by Gwyneth Box (Spain), 'In tune' by Helen Overell (Mole Valley Surrey), 'Bee Mornings' by Julia Webb (Norwich), 'Handmade in Guangzhou' by Robin Houghton (Brighton), 'Fine dark stripe' by Rosemary Norman (Twickenham), 'Tiger' by Tess Jolly (Brighton), and 'Horizons' by Tom Cunliffe (Brighton). 

This is the sixth year of the competition, open exclusively to Poetry Society members who are also members of a Stanza. The theme of this year's competition was 'Stripes' and the poems were judged (anonymously) by John Siddique In total, 152 poems were received from 115 poets. Previous winners are Emma Danes, Richard Goodson, Julie Lumsden, Michael Swan, and Julia Webb.

You can read all thirteen poems at
Stanza Competition page.

Source: press release.

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