Tuesday 2 October 2012

Oundle Festival of Literature - Latest Events

Oundle Festival of Literature has recently appointed a new festival manager, Helen Shair, and she is planning a varied and stimulating programme of all year round events. Here are the latest events:

Saturday 6th October, 7.30pm Queen Victoria Hall, Oundle

Fiva: An Adventure That Went Wrong is the epic true account from Gordon Stainforth of a near-death experience on a mountain in Norway in 1969. Two teenage twin brothers with only three years’ mountaineering experience set off to climb one of the highest rock faces in Europe.

With just two bars of chocolate, some sandwiches, a four-sentence route description and an old sketch map, they left their tent early one morning with the full expectation of being back in time for tea. Within a few hours things had gone badly wrong, they were looking death in the face, and the English Home Counties seemed very far away...

Alternatively humorous and nerve shredding, Fiva captures the hope, love, terror and despair of climbing. Gordon will re-tell his story at this event, a story which has been likened to Joe Simpson’s best-selling Touching the Void.

Tickets are £7 from the Oundle Box Office, Tel 01832 274134 Online at

Saturday 10th November, 7.30pm St Peter's Church, Oundle

Polly Toynbee “Dogma and Disarray” Cameron at half-time

Coming from a long line of intellectuals, historians, and literary critics, Polly Toynbee won a scholarship to study History at Oxford. Her first job was at the Guardian where she built a reputation for accurate fact finding left of centre journalism. With her partner, Journalist David Walker, she wrote two books, Life in Low Pay Britain and The Verdict: Did Labour Change Britain? Their new book Dogma and Disarray looks in detail at the government’s policies during their first two years in power. Toynbee and Walker argue that by the next election the welfare state may be in irrecoverable ruins – unless the Tory mission to downsize and diminish the public realm is brought down first by Cameron’s incompetence.

Tickets are £10, (£8 for OAPs and Students) from the Oundle Box Office, Tel 01832 274134 Online at 
www.oundlefestival.org.uk . Available from the end of September.

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