Monday 1 October 2012

Featured Poem for October 2012 - 'All is Love' by Spicy Fingers

'All is Love' by Spicy Fingers 

(taken from the book, 'Black Inspirations' by Spicy Fingers)

Love is in the morning sun
which nourishes the Earth.
Love is in… A forgotten memory
rekindled by the starlight in your eyes.
Love is in… That blade of grass
and in the radiance of the dawn’s dew
which quenches the fields.

Love is in…
Your embrace.
A divine field of energy, retraced.
Love is in…Your kiss
when your lips I taste.

Love is in…
the thunder!
Love is in the bomb!
Love is in the lightning’s strike!
And in the most brutal of fight.

Love is in… The hurricane
and in the monsoon rain.

Love is in…
Your table, chair.
Love is in the clothes you wear.
Love is in… Your pen and paper.
Love is also to be found, in that baby’s diaper.
Love is in… Your perceived enemy.
Love is in your friend and neighbor.
Love is in that careless whisper!
And in the ones you most care for.

Love is in…
Every thought you make.
Love is in... Every breath you breathe.
Love is in…Every mistake you fake.
Love is in…Every sight you perceive.
Love is in… All you try to deceive.

The power of love is in the rainbow!
Love is in ... The moon!
Love is in… The ocean!
Love is in… That distant star at night.

Love is in… “All That Is”.
Love is deeply embedded in your heart!
All that is, is in love.
You could never, ever, hope to be apart.

© Spicy Fingers 2012

 Please do not use without the poet's permission.

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