Friday 4 May 2012

Contribute to new Tyneside Twitter novel

New media artists and writers Jon Winet and Peter Likarish are busy in pre-production on Tyneside Novel, a Twitter-based fiction work to be created over a three-day period from 13th-15th June by a soon-to-be-formed community of writers. The US-based duo will travel to Newcastle to work on site at Culture Lab and hope to involve local writers in the project. Inspired by Mike Hodge’s 1971 film Get Carter, Tyneside Novel will launch with characters travelling by train from Edinburgh to Newcastle. As in the film, Newcastle's compelling social and physical cityscapes will play starring roles.

Follow @NewWritingNorth on Twitter if you’d like to be involved and for additional information, including information on meet-ups in advance of the project launch, gathering spots that will allow writers to work together during the project, and a website that will allow readers and writers to track Tyneside Novel's progress. Online publication of the completed work is expected by the end of the year.

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  1. Lynsey -

    Many thanks for the mention. Your help in getting the word out much appreciated! Here are some updates:
    we've settled on a hashtag for the project, #TyneNovel;
    a beta website is now live:;
    the launch date is set for June 13, 10:00 BST, with the project running through June 15, 20:00 BST;
    Local writers will have the opportunity to gather at the Tyneside Cinema Bar to work side by side and/or collaboratively on the project. [Exact times will be posted on the website;
    the project's twitter page is

    All welcome to contribute!

    Thanks again.

    All the best.


    Tyneside Novel