Tuesday 29 May 2012

‘The Queen’
By Richard Brassey
Published by Orion Books on 5th April 2012
RRP £4.99 (paperback)
ISBN 9781444001273
Reviewed by Lynsey Evans

This is a great little book, one I had a lot of fun reading with and without my daughter! It really reminds me of the Horrible Histories series, but it’s a much more friendly version, cram-packed with facts and brilliant illustrations. 

It’s ideal for primary school children who want to learn more about our monarch in an interesting, informative and entertaining way. After reading ‘The Queen’, readers will know much more about her from quirky facts, such as her grandfather’s nickname for her and her likes and dislikes, to historical facts, such as her family tree and how many Prime Ministers she’s seen during her reign.

My daughter really liked the illustrations and learnt from the book as we read it together. She now knows much more about the ‘lady on money and stamps’ and it’s great that she’ll be celebrating the Jubilee with an insight to Elizabeth II’s reign.

Whether you read this book in preparation for the Diamond Jubilee or after the event, it’s brilliant book that makes understanding our current monarchy much easier for children.
Richard Brassey has also written and illustrated other books about historical figures, such as Robin Hood, Elizabeth I and Henry VIII that you'll also enjoy. 'King Arthur' is out this summer too!

Highly recommended for readers aged 5+

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