Wednesday 9 May 2012

Rosie Garland 2012 Mslexia Novel Competition Winner releases new poetry collection

Being told you have cancer is a life-changing event. Rosie Garland, writer and performer, didn’t need any tissues when she was told, but later used poetry to come to terms with the disease, treatment and slow recovery.

Her account is not at all melodramatic or tearful, but paints vivid pictures, and her poems have a dynamic and rhythmic uplifting beat, especially when things get tough. Most importantly, she shows how any disease – and cancer especially – attacks your humanity and more specifically your femininity.

Rosie Garland, based in Manchester, is a poet, writer and performance artist. She published four solo poetry collections and her award-winning short stories, poems and essays have been widely anthologised. In March 2012 she won the inaugural Mslexia Novel Competition with her first novel, The Palace of Curiosities and within weeks landed a six-figure book deal with HarperCollins.

Rosie’s new poetry collection Everything Must Go, ISBN 978-1-907320-22-4, 51 pages, is being published by Holland Park Press:

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