Friday 11 May 2012

‘I Spy with My Little Eye’ book review

‘I Spy with My Little Eye’
By Edward Gibbs
Published by Templar Publishing
RRP £6.99 (paperback)
ISBN 9781848777149
(The book review is by Lilly, aged 3 and her mum)
‘I Spy with My Little Eye’ is just cool! With die-cut holes in each page giving the reader a visual clue to what lies on the next page, plus a written clue as to what the animal maybe, makes for a really enjoyable interactive reading time with your pre-schooler.

With lovely illustrations and lots of colours and animals used in the ‘I Spy’ game, it’s a lovely edition that brings a classic car journey game into the home!

Lilly says ‘I spy with my little eye something green … a tree … the leaves … no the frog! Let’s do the red page now!” She was very enthusiastic at playing I Spy with the book as we already play this in the car with colours (we’re just building up to spying with letters!) and she really liked peering through the holes to view the animal. She also thought the eyes spying were quite hilarious! This kind of book that offers more interaction between parent and child gets our vote and I know we’ll be reading this book a lot!

Highly recommended for pre-school readers

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