Friday 1 March 2013

Featured Poem for March 2013 by Mark Grist

'What Frozen Fingers Need' by Mark Grist

‘Ketchup?’ said the first cannibal.
‘Not ketchup, no,’ said Jen.
‘Mustard?' offered the second.
‘Oh no, mustard tastes awful,’ she shivered.
‘Then what should we add?’ they asked,
looking perplexed.

‘How about you don’t add anything?’ said Jen
'How about you don’t eat my fingers at all?'
The cannibals looked at each other.
‘We are being referenced to as first and second cannibal,’
said the first cannibal.
‘It would be a little strange if we didn’t eat you,’ agreed the second.
‘That doesn’t mean anything,’ said Jen. 'This isn’t really even a poem.
It’s just a conversation
That's been given unnecessary line breaks.’

'Screw you,' said The Poet. And they ate her up.

© Mark Grist 2013
Please do not use without the poet’s permission.


For further information about Mark Grist and his work please visit Mark's page here.

You can find out more about the Dead Poets here.


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