Thursday 21 March 2013

Rosie Garland reading poems from her collection 'Everything Must Go' are now available

Holland Park Press are very excited to announce that six videos of Rosie Garland reading poems from her collection 'Everything Must Go' are now available.

Rosie Garland, author of 'The Palace of Curiosities', recites ‘Fortune teller’, ‘Moratorium’, ‘So Long’, ‘Good Behaviour’, ‘Donor's Card’ and ‘Dignity’, powerful poems describing her battle with throat cancer.

You can listen to the poems on this page or through the Holland Park Press YouTube channel.

Listen and get carried along with Rosie’s story.

Here is our book review of 'Everything Must Go', from August 2012:

‘Everything Must Go’

By Rosie Garland Published by Holland Park Press
RRP £8.99 (paperback)
ISBN 9781907320224

Wow. ‘Everything Must Go’ is breath-taking in its laid-bare honesty. Rosie Garland’s poems tell of her battle with cancer from the moment she’s told until she receives the news its in remission. It’s not a pitiful or melodramatic narration, or even negative – Rosie expresses her experiences; her initial numbness and shock, her hair loss, her sickness, the wanting to disappear, the hospital, the pain and weakness, the treatment, the loss of her feminity – it’s heart-breaking but Rosie is so strong in her poems that’s it’s somewhat uplifting. My personal favourites from the collection are ‘Camouflage’ and ‘Dignity’. Quite stunning and bought a tear to my eye.

Highly recommended

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