Saturday 9 March 2013

Guest Blog from Pete 'Cardinal' Cox, Poet

Sometimes your past comes back in an unexpected form. When I was a lad at school there was a band I was associated with, though what I did with this band would never have been described as singing. The other members were far more proficient at their respective chores (guitars, drums, etc.) than I was though this is where I first started writing for an audience. This band went through a variety of line-ups and through the late-Eighties/early-Nineties we were known as the Sonic Energy Authority. It happened that this coincided with me getting to know a small number of authors to whom I gave CDs of our work and some of them (including Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Peter F. Hamilton and Robert Rankin) were kind enough to slip mentions of the band into a novel or two. Well we’ve just got one of the tracks we recorded about twenty-five years ago onto the latest This is Peterborough CD from Rowdy Farrago Records (Peterborough Goes Forth). I doubt if it is available from HMV (due to their current situation) but can be downloaded via Amazon and other websites. As well as us (and you’ll quickly realise why we avoided fame) there are twenty more bands, many of whom are much better than us, including a track from the current Poet Laureate of Peterborough, Simon Stabler.

In one of my first contributions to the Book a Poet blog I mentioned that the really rather spiffing magazine Earth Love had folded. This was a shame as it had published a good variety of writers, from beginners through to editors of other publications, and raised money for a number of ecologically-related good causes. Fortunately Tracy Patrick, the editor of the lamented magazine, has been able to put together an anthology of the best poetry from the magazine. Yes, I’ve managed to get a poem in, but don’t let that put you off. A very nice book that deserves to be on the shelves of poetry fans. For details about ordering go to
Enough of this reminiscing, I’ve just been enlisted into the poetry team for an arts event in Peterborough called “Find me, Keep me” and if any of our plans come together, it looks like it will be pretty bonkers. With several teams ranging from sculpture through to theatre, this could make the Easter weekend one to remember. The poetry team is co-ordinated by Keely Mills (a fellow former Poet Laureate of Peterborough) and includes the current Laureate Simon (who I mentioned above) and MC Mixy (yes, another former Poet Laureate of Peterborough, and someone you can find out more about elsewhere on the Book a Poet website).”
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