Wednesday 27 March 2013

Share Your Poetry with family, friends or the world with Poem Pigeon

Do you have a poem to share?

Simply upload your poem to Poem Pigeon and the poem pigeon will deliver it to a loved one, family, friends ... or even the whole world!

Poems can be as public or as private as you like - Poem Pigeon is here to deliver more poetry into the world. Poems can be as long or as short as you like and follow any format ... rhyming couplets, sonnets, blank verse, haikus, poems for occasions, little ditties written when you really should be working ... serious and high-minded, humourous, romantic ... there's a home for it all at Poem Pigeon.

It's free to register and there is a free competition currently on - upload a poem by the end of March and you could win £100!

Follow the Poem Pigeon on Twitter @poempigeon.

Please visit for further information on their service and how to use it. You can contact Poem Pigeon here too.

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