Wednesday 20 March 2013

Poetry Book Review of ‘Addressing Anorexia and Treating Myself’ By Marion Lawson

‘Addressing Anorexia and Treating Myself’
By Marion Lawson
Published by Barny Books
RRP £5.00 (paperback)
ISBN 9781906542504

Right from the foreword, this book is raw, emotional and invites us into the very personal journey through illness and recovery of Marion Law.

The poetry is heart-felt and sincere, Marion’s brutally honest, sharing her anxiety, her anguish and her despair alongside her hope, her happiness and her future. I loved ‘Lecturing Me’, my personal highlight of the collection. I am sure anyone in a similar situation will find comfort and solace in Marion’s words, and for anyone else that reads this book, admire Marion’s bravery, honesty and poetry.

Highly recommended

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